Current Projects

Barn Restoration Project

Fort Steilacoom Park has a rich farming history. It was once an outpost for the Hudson Bay Trading Company. Years later it supported farming operations which supplied food and resources to Western State Hospital and other State institutions. Several 100-year-old barns are still standing but in need of repair and restoration. Fort Steilacoom Park currently serves over 1 million visitors each year. Community groups would like to use the barns but currently cannot. In 2008, the city implemented a feasibility study through a community process and Partners for Parks (PFP) was at the table. The ‘H Barn’ was selected as the best barn to restore for public use. The future of this barn is to create an updated community space that meets current building codes, add restrooms and modern utilities so the barn can be used year-round, and incorporate the site’s history into the design. Stay tuned for updates.

Chambers Creek Canyon Trail

Chambers Creek Canyon is a forested stream corridor between the Cities of Lakewood and University Place (UP). Consisting of 204 acres along a 2.5-mile section of Chambers Creek, the site creates a unique backcountry experience in the middle of a dense urban setting. The Cities of Lakewood and UP partnered with Pierce County to develop a trail master plan so future improvements could be done strategically, efficiently and effectively.